Our Logo and Heritage

Everyone asks about our gorilla logo! Here is the story: when company founder Dave Abdo named his venture Missing Link Communications, he was referring to the links in a secure chain of communications; for example, a computer network. If a link was missing, it could weaken or bring down the network. The gorilla is, basically, a visual play on the phrase “Missing Link,” in reference to the Missing Link in the scientific theory of human evolution. It is also a robust symbol of strength and protection, one that underscores our mission of security.

There are more links, namely, our “weakest link” taglines: “…finding your weakest links. “ and “We find your weakest links…before someone else does.” In this “weakest link” reference, we mean the weakest link in a security system, because a security system is only as strong as its weakest link. If w can locate this weakest link, then we can immediately strengthen your security posture.

The Beginning… Dave Abdo started Missing Link Communications in 1993 as a sole proprietorship after retiring from a career in the US Air Force. Having an extensive background in secure communications, his desire, at that time, was to provide communications services to commercial and government clients. In 1995, he incorporated and Missing Link Communications, Inc was born.

A Sharper Focus On Security… Dave found that his clients were seeking assistance in all matters of security. After President Clinton signed Executive Order 13010 in 1997 to establish a Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection, Dave decided to focus the company’s efforts on security and changed the name to Missing Link Security. Missing Link Communications remains the official business name, but all of our clients know us as Missing Link Security.

Our Nation is Attacked… September 11, 2001 was a critical date for Missing Link Security. In response to the brutal attacks on our nation, Dave and others anchored Missing Link Security as a partner with the US Government to protect our nation and find ways to bring those who would attack us to justice. When the Department of Homeland Security was formed, Missing Link Security was one of the first contractors to assist. We are still serving within various Directorates of the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice today.

Today… Staying true to our heritage, we continue to employ people who are passionate about the security of our country, our communities, and our information systems. We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence because we know that our families and our nation depend on our success. We are determined to find our customers’ weakest links…before someone else does.